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Calling all TP fans!

Hehe, I'm back to bother you all about the 10th anniversary, which is finally this year :D

Time really goes by fast, doesn't it? O___o

Anywhoo, I was thinking for the 10th anniversary, all the TP fans should get together on the internet (or you know, the majority of the fans lol)... maybe on a livestream. Livestreams are fun ^_^

And we can have like an online party or something for that whole weekend :D Maybe we can even spread the word about having some sort of re-release.

We even have an official name now. We're known as 'Star Rattlers' (I didn't make it up though, just putting that out there!) It was a name made up on Tumblr, just thought I'd put it here to see what you all think of it... if there's anyone still here :o

But yeah, I just really wanna do something special for Treasure Planet this year. After 10 years, it still needs a whole lot of love. I wasn't even there from the very beginning but it'll be really nice if I was able to chat with the older fans ^_^

Okay, I'm gonna stop talking now...Let's start spreading the word!

In the meantime, enjoy this picture I found of Jim eating ice cream :D

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